Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service

There is no need to go anywhere else for wheelchair accessible taxi service, as A1 Cars Worcester offers this service to the customers. Those with special mobility requirements, who find it hard to get in normal cars, don't have to face issues with us. Our aim is to provide top-rated taxi service with multiple options to customers. It means you can hire a car that easily accommodates the wheelchair.

Extra space in the taxi:

All the vehicles we have had extra space. Whether you have a wheelchair, walking sticks or need another sort of mobility aids or simply need extra space while travelling, all our vehicles are perfect. Moreover, our drivers are well trained too. They are professional, friendly and polite towards the customers. They take care of the clients' need and make sure they feel comfortable throughout the journey.

It doesn't matter to us whether your journey is short or long. Our goal is to deliver top-notch service and give no chance of complaint to the customers. All our vehicles are maintained and tested to the local standard authority, and our drivers are licensed and DBS checked.

On-time wheelchair accessible taxi service

While travelling with us, there is no need to worry that you will have to wait or reach the destination late. Our drivers arrive at the pick up point always on time. They even open the door for the passenger, and once the passenger settles in, they begin the journey to the final point.

All our drivers are mainly local, so they know the city routes well. It is the reason they take short and traffic-less roads to take customers to the location.

Fixed price & no hidden charges

We are not like other firms who run a business to make a profit only. Our goal is to do the best for the customers, and in return, the money comes naturally.

The service charges we demand for the taxi services are reasonable and fixed. To ensure our rates are the best, we keep an eye on our competitors. It also allows us to do better. Moreover, we don't play any sort of games with our client. Once customers book the ride with us, they get to know about the fare too. It is the final price that won’t change till the end. So, don't worry that any time while travelling with us, you will get an unpleasant surprise in the form of extra money.

24/7 customer support

It is important to be there for the customers all the time, so they don’t feel ignored in any way. It is the reason our customer support team is available for the customers 24 hours a day. Contact them any time of the day and ask any question from them related to our services or company. They will provide honest answers on the spot.

Book your ride with us!

So, book the ride with us today. The process is simple and quick. You can download our App and book the service there or on call and even online through our website.